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Credit Counseling: Garland (TX)

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Credit Counseling Garland TXHas severe debt been having a negative impact on your credit score? Well then we can help. We make it easy to see how much credit counseling will save you.

Garland TX Credit Counseling

A trained credit counselor in Garland can educate you, the consumer, on ways to manage your money, take care of your present financial difficulties, and prepare for your financial future.

Of Garland’s 225,396 inhabitants, something like 8,313 can no longer afford their credit card payments each month.

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On average, people in Garland earn $2,630 a month. Ideally, a consumer who makes $2,630 monthly should carry debts of about $947 each month. This is a little more than one third of their before-tax earnings.

If you make $2,630 a month and are paying out in excess of $1,131 (43%), you’re in trouble. You wouldn’t be on your own: a great many Garland consumers we see have DTI’s of more than 50% ($1,315).

If you’re in substantial debt, your credit counseling professional will probably recommend that you participate in a debt management plan or DMP. With a debt management program, your Garland TX credit counselor may able to get decreased interest levels and better terms from the creditors you owe. Your credit counselor will take care of paying your creditors each and every month. Pretty much all you’ll need to do is supply them with one single monthly payment.

Picking a Credit Counseling Agency in Garland, TX

Credit Counseling Garland TX

As an industry, credit counseling has been vetted by the FTC and other federal regulators, but beware of any credit counseling agencies in Garland that claim they can:

  • End all calls from collectors
  • Eradicate bad things from your credit profile
  • Reduce collateralled debt, such as car loans
  • Get you out of debt via a new federal government program
  • Ensure the elimination of unsecured debts
  • Prevent creditors from taking legal action against you
  • Impose a fee ahead of time for their expertise

To learn more, check out this FTC article on the subject.


Credit Counseling Garland TX

It’s hard to tell how much it’s possible to save with credit counseling, but your credit counselor can usually work out cheaper annual percentage rates and a lot fewer fees and penalties.

Curious to find out how much credit counseling in Garland, TX, will save you?

Although not without cost, debt management is an inexpensive option for many Garland residents. There is typically an enrollment fee of no more than $75, along with a monthly fee of $40 or less. The vast majority of plans will want you to pay back 2.5 percent of what you owe on a monthly basis.

Credit and Debt Counseling Agencies: Garland, TX

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 3960 Broadway Blvd, 75043
  • Cardtronics, 2022 Highway 66, 75040
  • Advance America, 447 N Garland Ave, 75040
  • Check Into Cash Advance Payday Loan Center, 1865 N Garland Ave, 75040
  • Texas Hide and Seek, 3808 Cavalier Dr, 75042
  • Lyon Credit Service, 310 E I-30 E, #105, 75043
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