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Debt Consolidation: Corpus Christi (TX)

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If you’re struggling to pay back the money you owe, combining your credit card accounts and unsecured credit into one single payment amount might be the answer.

If you go to a debt consolidation company in Corpus Christi, you’ll be able to consolidate what you owe under a debt management plan, or DMP. Your counselors will try to contact your creditors so as to obtain crucial benefits, such as:

  • Less Expensive APR’s
  • Waived Penalties
  • More Affordable Payments

Debt consolidation can also infer loans that substitute your credit card debt with secured debt. Want to pay off your debt? Locate a debt consolidation firm in Corpus Christi, TX. It’s easy!

Debt Consolidation Corpus Christi TX

Debt Management Plans (DMP’s) in Corpus Christi (TX)

Debt Consolidation Companies Corpus Christi TX

Most often, debt consolidation in Corpus Christi, TX, involves the management of debt through a specialized program. Debt management plans, typically managed by one of the credit counseling agencies in Corpus Christi, TX, let you pay everything you owe in 3-5 years with one easy payment per month, not to mention cheaper interest levels, installments, and penalty fees. Ordinarily your card companies or payday lenders begins offering these perks after you get in three successive payments. Also, these plans are normally quite very affordable. Enrolling ought to cost approximately $75, and the bill every month will be $25-40.

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Debt Consolidation Loans: Corpus Christi (TX)

Debt Consolidation Loans Corpus Christi TX

When you decide to get a debt consolidation loan in Corpus Christi, TX, you will use the funds to repay your active credit cards and/or payday loans. You will still have to pay back the borrowed funds, of course, but the annual percentage rate might be appreciably more affordable.

Generally, a debt consolidation loan will result in lower monthly payments and a lot fewer calls from debt collection agencies, since your old debts will have been paid in full. If you were to obtain a loan that is secured by some of form of equity, there may be tax advantages. Unfortunately, if you fall past due on a secured loan, your home could go into foreclosure.

Talk with a debt consolidation professional to figure out which debt consolidation approach is ideal for you.

Payday Loan Consolidation Programs Corpus Christi TX

Because of the economic crisis, more and more Corpus Christi consumers have been getting payday loans. There are 278,829 residents of Corpus Christi, and around 14,499 obtain one or more cash advance a year. Alas, around 6,380 of these applicants are unable to pay back these payday advances. That’s nearly half! Are you currently late on more than one of these loans? Don’t fret, we can connect you with Corpus Christi TX payday loan consolidation firms.

Ready to consolidate your payday loans?

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When to Consolidate Your Debt

Debt Consolidation Companies Corpus Christi TX

Debt consolidation agents in Corpus Christi, TX will want to learn how much debt you’re carrying that’s non-secured. That means it is not backed by some sort of equity. The most common reasons for debt are credit card bills, cash advances, rent/mortgage payments, healthcare bills, and other revolving credit accounts. In a perfect world, only 33% of your monthly income would be dedicated to paying down what you owe. This consists of credit card bills, automobile/student/payday loans, and rent or home loan repayments. If you make $1,181 per month, the average for Corpus Christi residents, then, ideally, you would spend around $425 monthly. Unfortunately, many Corpus Christi residents are in serious debt, indicated by debt-to-income ratios (DTI) of 50% or more. They’re forking over more than $602 a month!

How bad is credit card debt in Corpus Christi, TX? We have calculated that 23,371 of Corpus Christi’s 278,829 residents could use help with debt.

Debt Consolidation Scams: Corpus Christi (TX)

Debt Consolidation Programs Corpus Christi TX

You should not work with any Corpus Christi debt consolidation companies that charge upfront fees, do not divulge important information or savings needed for consolidation, or ask you to open a savings account from which you can’t pull out funds without paying penalties.

Stay away from any debt consolidation consultants that have a record of unethical practices. For additional information, check out the area of titled In Debt?.

Debt Consolidation Programs: Corpus Christi, TX

  • Christian Credit Counseling, 5262 S Staples St, #300, 78411
  • Pacific Credit Corporation, 3765 S Alameda St, 78411
  • Unique Credit Services, 555 S Shoreline Blvd, 78401
  • CC Credit Solutions, 6601 Everhart Rd, 78413
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of South Texas, 1706 S Padre Island Dr, 78416
  • Check Into Cash Advance Payday Loan Center, 1502 Airline Rd, 78412
  • RW Mortgage Services, , 78347

Debt Consolidation in Corpus Christi TX

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