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Invest Like Warren Buffet On A Budget

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Most Americans would like to build a nest egg that will carry them through their retirement and leave a little for the family. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to that goal is knowledge; we just do not know where to put our money. Well, that and finding enough money to invest with. All of us have heard of Warren Buffet and his company Berkshire Hathaway., but can not afford to buy its shares. Here are five of the stocks that Berkshire have large holdings of. Each is affordable on the average budget and should help you increase your nest egg.

  • Moody Corp…NYSE symbol MCO…currently trading at $40.90.
  • DirecTV…NYSE symbol DTV…currently trading at $49.36.
  • ConocoPhillips…NYSE symbol COP…currently trading at $56.64.
  • U.S Bancorp…NYSE symbol USB…currently trading at $33.16.
  • Kraft Foods Inc…NYSE symbol KFT…currently trading at $40.84.

While Berkshire has holdings in hundreds of companies, these are reliable individual stocks that are easily affordable. You do not need a large investment upfront either. Some investment companies have an option that will automatically debit your account for as little as $75 a month and invest it in stocks that you have chosen. It is at least worth a call.

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