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5 Signs That You Are In Financial Trouble

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Many Americans have found themselves in ever worsening financial straits since 2008. Many have filed bankruptcy and watched their cherished possessions be repossessed. While this is happening, others are continuing to struggle on without even realizing that they are in financial trouble. Here are five definite signs that you are headed for a brick wall.

  • You have overdrawn your checking account multiple times in the past year.
  • You have an empty savings account.
  • You are paying the minimum on your credit cards, then wait for the payment to clear so you can use the card again.
  • You have to choose which bills to pay or choose between paying a bill and buying enough food.
  • The last one is usually pretty obvious. You have had to put off necessary home or auto maintenance because you couldn’t afford them.

Ignoring these five signs is just going to lead to more severe financial issues and eventual meltdown. If you recognize yourself in these signs, then it is time to rethink your spending habits and find a way to reverse the trend.  We encourage you to enlist the help of a Texas credit counseling service – they help people in just these kinds of scenarios.

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