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”Smishing” Is Identity Theft Attempt

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One of the latest attempts to get your personal information is a tactic called smishing. It is simply the old email phishing tactic on your cellphone.

Plenty of us have seen the text announcing that we have won a $1000 Walmart gift card or the chance to beta test the new iPhone5, but everyone of them is a  scam. Click on the link and you will be immediately asked for all of your personal information. Enter it and it will not be long before your credit score takes a hit, which could make it much harder to get out of debt and make you more likely to need the services of a TX credit counselor.

Identity protection companies have received a large volume of complaints about the tactic. Walmart took the step of placing a warning about the texts on its website. Your best bet is to never answer this type of message. For more information on this scam and others, try the Better Business Bureau or

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