Debt Relief

”Smishing” Is Identity Theft Attempt

One of the latest attempts to get your personal information is a tactic called smishing. It is simply the old email phishing tactic on your cellphone. Plenty of us have seen the text announcing that we have won a $1000 Walmart gift card or the chance to beta test the new iPhone5, but everyone of […]

3 Tips For Digging Out Of Debt

Debt is one of the top stressors in many people’s lives. It is a necessary evil at times and a bad habit at others. No matter why you are in debt, everyone dreams of getting out of it. Here are three tips that may help you do just that. Paying off credit card debt is […]

5 Strategies To Avoid When You Are Swimming In Debt

Knowing that you are not the only one swimming in debt is very little comfort when you can not see a way out. The best thing that you can do is try to develop a plan to get out of that debt. Here are five strategies that you should avoid at all costs. Avoid paying […]

Three Costly Credit Card Myths Debunked

Credit cards are a quick way to a good credit score or a hole that you can not climb out of on your own. Either way it goes, you can only blame yourself. Your best chances of building a solid credit score with credit cards is to arm yourself with knowledge. To help, here are […]

Tips For Cutting Bank Fees

It seems as if everyone bleeds money just for the privilege of having a checking account. That does not have to be true. With a little information, you can slow that bleeding to a trickle if not eliminate it all together. Here a few tips on how to do that. Shop around. Do not be […]