Debt Relief

Cooking Up A Storm

  My wife says she enjoyed cooking, but you wouldn’t think so after tasting some of her creations.  We ate out so much because I wanted to escape some of the more outlandish specialties she’d prepare.  We often went to the local restaurants, so she could “get a break from the kitchen” as I politely […]

Invest Like Warren Buffet On A Budget

Most Americans would like to build a nest egg that will carry them through their retirement and leave a little for the family. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to that goal is knowledge; we just do not know where to put our money. Well, that and finding enough money to invest with. All of […]

5 Signs That You Are In Financial Trouble

Many Americans have found themselves in ever worsening financial straits since 2008. Many have filed bankruptcy and watched their cherished possessions be repossessed. While this is happening, others are continuing to struggle on without even realizing that they are in financial trouble. Here are five definite signs that you are headed for a brick wall. […]

Can Debt Be Used To Build Wealth?

When you mention debt and building wealth in the same breath many people look at you as if to ask; ”how much have you had to drink”? To some extent they are right. Debt and wealth do not normally go together. The confusion is based in how we look at debt. Debt is normally looked […]

5 Online Money Management Tools You Need To Use

So much of every day life is now online. Many of us are going paperless for everything, so why not use online money management tools on a regular basis. Here are five online tools that you need to be using. Start with your bank or credit union’s website. Many of them offer budgeting tools and […]

5 Money Tips Everyone Should Know

Do you think that you can’t be money smart and be able to meet your financial goals? Nothing is farther from the truth. Everyone has the opportunity to be financially savvy if they follow the right advice. Here are five money tips that every one should be aware of. The first thing you have to […]

20 Ways To Gain Control Of Your Finances

The title promises twenty tips, so let’s jump right into them. It all starts with a budget. Separate wants and needs and see where your money is going. Be honest with yourself. Identify your spending habits and determine whether or not you need to exercise a little more self control.  Prioritize your wants since you […]

Should You Retire Your Credit Cards Completely?

All you have to do is read any financial advise blog or look at how much you spend on minimum payments each month and you know that credit card debt is usually bad. The traditional answer to that is to retire the cards and swear off ever using them again. While that amount of restraint […]

Why A Debt Can Appear On Your Credit Report For Decades

In most cases an original debt can only appear on your credit report for seven years and 180 days after you first fell behind on the debt. That timeline sticks in many people’s minds and leads to confusion when they request their credit report and find that much older debts are still being reported. Here […]

5 Ways To Save At The Grocery

The weekly trip to the grocery store often represents the largest recurring cost for a family. Depending on the size of your family, it can cost more per month than your mortgage.  This is especially true if you or members of your family have specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free or dairy-free.  But it doesn’t […]